With the passing of the Solid Waste and Public Cleansing Management Bill 2007, the Concession Holders for solid waste collection and management are able to improve services provided to the local authorities. Alam Flora is the Concession Holder for the Central Region which includes Selangor. It has engaged Worldwide Landfill Sdn Bhd to operate and manage existing landfills and plan/implement new landfills within the Central Region.

SMHB was appointed by the Client to prepare detailed Environmental Impact Assessment (DEIA) and Concept design for the 64. 7 hectares landfill situated in Kuala Langat. The scope of works for the EIA study includes: to provide description of project and related activities and statement of need; describe social, natural and man-made environment; identify impacts of project activities on social, natural and man-made environment; identify mitigation measures to be included during construction and operation of project; identify residual impacts; and prepare environmental monitoring and audit plan.

The landfill concept design comprises: master plan with estimated total volume and earthworks quantity; site investigation plan; groundwater contour plan; surface water drainage plan; landfill phasing plan; infrastructure plan; landfill gas collection, treatment and utilisation plan; leachate lining and treatment facilities plan; goundwater management system details; landfill closure plan; and estimated cost of works.


Detailed Environmental Impact Assessment and concept design



Worldwide Landfill Sdn Bhd


Selangor, Malaysia

Commencement Year

April 2007

Completion Year

March 2008