Water is the core business of SMHB and we have played a key role in the water resources planning and development of water supply infrastructure in Malaysia and the neighbouring countries. Our capabilities in this sector cover the entire water cycle from the initial planning to meet supply/demand balances and sourcing of water resources, to the design of dams, water supply intakes, pumping stations, treatment plants and the distribution network system. We also have extensive experience in conducting technical audits, rehabilitation and upgrading of existing water treatment plants and distribution systems.

SMHB has undertaken an extensive range of water supply projects, from providing solutions for rural water supply to the design and implementation of major modern water supply schemes including the Sungai Selangor Water Supply Scheme which is currently the largest in the region with a total capacity of 2,700 million litres per day.

With the expertise of our in-house process, civil, mechanical and electrical engineers, SMHB is able to select the most appropriate water treatment process and develop a complete system to suit the requirements of each project, to match difficult water sources or to meet higher standards of treated water quality.

The strength of our service in the water sector is derived from the innovative technical solutions that we provide, drawing on global resources and experience. SMHB can provide optimum solutions to the overall management of our water resources to ensure the long-term viability of this precious resource.

SMHB provides cost effective solutions to water distribution management, ensuring reliable transfer of water from source to consumer. Our engineering services cover all aspects of bulk water transfer and distribution including river intakes, pumping stations, overland and submarine pipelines, surge protection systems and service reservoirs. We have experience in inter-basin transfers that require large tunnels and pipelines traversing great distances, to transfer water from water surplus to water deficit areas. Our capabilities also extend to asset management as well as major pipe replacement and rehabilitation schemes as part of the solution to leakage management and overall reduction of non-revenue water.

SMHB has designed and supervised the laying of over 3,000 km of pipeline in Malaysia alone. Key to our achievement is our understanding of the distribution network systems, providing us the capability to adapt all types of construction techniques and materials to suit each scheme of any size and complexity.

With computer aided design for hydraulic modelling and surge analysis, we are able to rise to any challenge in the design of water transfer systems to meet the increasing demand for potable water.