The Pedu Mini Hydroelectric Power Plant project site is located about 45 km northeast from Alor Setar and about 16 km east from the nearest town of Kuala Nerang.

Pedu Dam was initially designed to provide irrigation water to 96,000 ha of paddy fields in the coastal plains of Kedah and Perlis States. The dam is a 61 m high rock fill embankment. The recent change in government policy to support renewable energy projects makes it viable to incorporate hydropower generation from the water released for irrigation.

The new power station is to be located at the left bank of the downstream section of the Pedu Dam. The works comprises the following main components:

a surface Powerhouse at the left toe of the existing Pedu Dam

  • a 2400 mm/1800 mm dia penstock tapping water from one of the existing 2600 mm dia outlet pipe, just before the hollow jet valve
  • 2 x 4.5 MW horizontal Francis turbine, generators and auxiliaries
  • a 33/11 kV substation beside Pedu powerhouse
  • approximately 6 km transmission line to TNB’s Pedu Main Distribution Substation
  • a short access track and bridge over Pedu river

This project will supply part of the electricity in the State of Kedah to meet the steady increase of power demand particularly in Pedu, Kuala Nerang, Naka and Nami.

The Client had yet to proceed with the construction of the project.


Study and detailed design.


Associate Firm

Tokyo Electric Power Services Co. Ltd. (Tepsco)


Pedu Hydro Sdn Bhd


Kedah, Malaysia

Commencement Year

August 2004

Completion Year

March 2005