SMHB was appointed as Consultant by TNB for the Feasibility Study of the Kerian Selama HEP. The firm provides Specialists to the TNB Engineering Team responsible for carrying out the study.

The Specialists support TNB’s inhouse Engineering Team in the following areas:

  • Review of relevant reports and documents related to technical, economic and environmental considerations for optimum development
  • Collection and collation of topographical, geological, hydrological data etc.
  • Carrying out hydrologic analysis
  • Studying alternative generation costs for use in optimisation study
  • Specifying requirements for geological and geotechnical investigations and ground surveys
  • Assisting in survey, SI and laboratory testing works and reviewing results
  • Producing basic design as necessary
  • Selecting electro-mechanical equipment and transmission tie-in requirements
  • Developing power plant operating philosophy
  • Conducting economic and financial appraisals of project options
  • Preparation of cost estimates
  • Include Kyoto’s Protocol Clean Development Mechanism in project evaluation
  • Preparation of implementation plan for preferred project option
  • Project risks evaluation
  • Include environmental aspects in project implementation plan
  • Preparation of reports


Feasibility study



TNB Generation Division, Tenaga Nasional Berhad


Perak, Malaysia

Commencement Year

February 2008

Completion Year

March 2009