Jabatan Bekalan Air (JBA), Kementerian Tenaga, Air dan Komunikasi (KTAK) on behalf of the Government engaged the services of SMHB Sdn Bhd (SMHB), BW Perunding Sdn Bhd (BW) and United Consultants (UC) of Sarawak for the study, detailed design and construction supervision of the Beaufort Water Supply Scheme Phase 2 which includes the construction of a water treatment plant in Beaufort and laying of submarine pipeline from the plant to Labuan Island.

The Phase I of the scheme was completed in the 1980’s and under the 9th Malaysia Plan the Ministry is proceeding with the Phase 2 of the scheme. The Beaufort Water Supply Scheme Phase 2 comprised these major components:

• Intake works and water treatment plant of 46 Mld design capacity,
• Submarine pipeline from Beaufort to Labuan Island,
• A New 4.5 Ml storage tank,
• New equipment and associated works at the existing Pulau Enoe pumping station to accommodate the new supply, and
• All other works required for the successful operation and maintenance of the treatment plant.

The Phase II works were divided into two contracts for which each consultant is responsible for implementing them. The divisions of works are as follows:

Contract No. 1: Loji Air Beaufort Fasa 2
The contract was given entirely to BW and it covered the construction of the intake works as well as the water treatment plant and the new storage tank.

Contract No. 2: Submarine Pipeline from the Water Treatment Plant to Labuan
The contract was divided into three segments with SMHB and UC sharing the works and responsibilities for implementing the works. UC is responsible for the first segment which is laying of 10.5 km of 750 mm diameter of land pipeline in the mainland of Sabah. The second segment is the responsibilities of both SMHB and UC, and the work was divided into 3 km and 10 km respectively from the 13 km of laying of 660 mm diameter swamp pipeline in the mainland of Sabah. Whereas the third segment, SMHB is solely responsible for the 23.5 km of 660 mm diameter submarine pipeline from mainland Sabah to the Labuan Island.

For Contract No. 2, SMHB in association with UC will carry out the detailed design and construction supervision of the pipeline. However, SMHB is the lead consultant in the concept design and development of design criteria for the whole pipeline and during the survey and site investigation (SI) stages with assistance and advice from UC where appropriate. Upon the approval of the concept and design criteria by KTAK and completion of survey and SI, each consultant will carry out the detailed design of its own portion of work. Nevertheless, during this stage of work, SMHB will coordinate closely with UC to ensure consistency in the two individual portions of pipeline designed separately by the two consultants. SMHB will also be the liaison with BW for their work in relations to pipeline connections at the treatment works and reservoir.

In addition to the work, SMHB will also be involved in the environmental impact study of the pipeline which will be carried out by SMHB Environmental Services Sdn Bhd.


Concept design, detailed design and construction supervision.



Jabatan Bekalan Air, Kementerian Tenaga, Air dan Komunikasi

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BW Perunding Sdn Bhd and United Consultants


Sabah & Labuan, Malaysia

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