Dato’ Ir Syed Muhammad Shahabudin, DSDK, PJK. has 45 years of experience as an engineer of which 12 years was serving the Government. His last post was as the Chief Executive Engineer of the Penang Water Authority for 2 years before joining Binnie dan Rakan in 1975 as a partner. Dato' Syed is a distinguished figure in the water industry. He is currently in the Board of National Water Services Commission (SPAN) and Lembaga Urus Air Selangor (LUAS) and since 2007; he is the Chairman of the Malaysian Water Partnership (MyWP). He was the President of the Malaysian Water Association (MWA) from 1994 to 2007 and the President of the Association of Consulting Engineers Malaysia (ACEM) from 1985 to 1987. In the international arena, he is on the governing board of the International Water Association (IWA) and a board member of the IWA Asia-Pacific Region and the past Vice President of the Federation of Consultants from Islamic Countries (FCIC).

Managing Director 

Datuk Ir Teo Chok Boo joined Binnie dan Rakan in 1978 after graduating from University of Aston in Birmingham, UK with a First Class Honours degree in Civil Engineering. He is currently the Managing Director of SMHB. He was the project director for several major water supply projects including Sungai Selangor Water Supply Phase 3, Interstate Water Transfer schemes in Peninsular Malaysia and the Linggiu dam project transferring water from Johor to Singapore. He has 31 years experience in various disciplines of engineering, particularly in dams and water-related projects. He has since been involved in the design of more than 16 water supply dams in Malaysia. He has also inspected several dams and reservoirs in Malaysia to assess their performance and safety. He was the Hon. Treasurer General of the Malaysian Water Association (MWA) from 1995 to 2007.

Executive Director 

Ir Mohd Rousdin Hassan has been a professional engineer for 31 years. He served the Malaysian Government for about 14 years, mainly with JKR (Public Works Department), before joining SMHB in 1992. His key experience is in project management of water supply such as the Langat 2 Water Treatment Pland and Water Reticulation System Phase 1, Study of the Establishment of National Water Services Commission, Greater Kuantan Water Supply Phase 2 and the Kuala Jelai Water Treatment Works Phase 2 and also managing infrastructure projects, notably the design of utilities for the new Kuala Lumpur International Airport at Sepang, Berjaya Resort at Langkawi and utility coordination works at Putrajaya. Ir Mohd Rousdin is also in charge of Human Resources and Administration matters of SMHB. He was the President of the Association of Consulting Engineers Malaysia (ACEM) from 2006 to 2008 and one of the Consultative Panel Member of Professional Services Development Corporation (PSDC) during the same period.

Executive Director 

Ir Syed Mohamed Adnan is a professional Engineer with 26 years of experience. He joined the firm in 1983 after obtaining an Honours Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Adelaide, South Australia. Since then he has been involved in various transportation, infrastructure and water related projects. Some of the major projects are the Iskandar Development Region Road Project, Gerbang Selatan Bersepadu Project – CIQ Complex Road Network, Putrajaya Common Utility Tunnel, Bandar Nusajaya Infrastructure Works, Kuala Lumpur Middle Ring Road II 9A and 9B and Linggiu Dam. Ir Syed Mohamed Adnan is currently the Executive Director in charge of Engineering. He is also actively involved in professional societies namely PIARC Worldroad Association as Technical Committee Member, Federation of Consultants from Islamic Countries - Vice President: Region 7 (since 2006) and Council Member of Malaysian Water Association (2008 to date).

Ir Mohd Rousdin Hassan
Ir Syed Mohamed Adnan
Ir Prem Kumar a/l M

Executive Director 

Ir Prem Kumar a/l M. Vasudevan is the Executive Director in charge of the firm’s Business section. He joined SMHB immediately after graduating from Universiti Malaya in 1985 and was promoted to senior level positions during his 24 years of service. Ir. Prem Kumar is a registered Professional Engineer practicing as Electrical Engineer for projects in Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, China and Brunei. He was actively involved in numerous dam, water supply, sanitation, irrigation and flood mitigation projects undertaken by SMHB including the largest water supply project in this region i.e. Sungai Selangor Water Supply Project Phase 1, 2 and 3, and presently involved in Langat 2 Water Supply Project Phase 1 implemented by Pengurusan Aset Air Berhad (PAAB). He is actively involved in professional organisations and is presently the Hon. Secretary for the Association of Consulting Engineers Malaysia.